WAC Software Review Policy

[Rainbow Rule]

  1. The club will seek to identify volunteer reviewers for unsolicited software products sent to the club for review. If a volunteer cannot be located, the club will raffle off the software with no requirement that a review be prepared. Vendors would be notified whether to expect a review or not.
  2. Any member may post software review opportunities in The Cursor. However, all requests for evaluation software will be made through the Newsletter Reviews Editor.
  3. Software reviews should be published in the Cursor 90-days after the member receives the evaluation software. (For example: software received anytime in January would be due by the April Cursor).
  4. Software reviews will receive priority consideration for inclusion in the Cursor.
  5. The newsletter reviews editor is responsible for sending copies of completed reviews to vendors.
  6. Members may review up to two software products at the same time.
  7. Members may not request additional software titles if they have an outstanding review due which has exceeded the club's 90-day review limit.
  8. Members agree to follow the spirit of the software review guidance posted on the WAC web site.

[Rainbow Rule]
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Address comments or questions to Vendor_Relations@wacug.org.

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