Washington Area Computer User Group
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
March 17, 2001


Board Meeting Attendance - Lance Cutlar, Jorn Dakin, Geof Goodrum, Paul Howard, Bob Mason, Bob Rott, Lu Spriggs, Jim Spurlock, and Mike ten Kate

Minutes - Minutes from the February board meeting were reviewed and approved with the following amendments. The statement "PC disk sales came to $66.00 …" was changed to "PC disk sales came to $82.00 for January and February ..." And the statement "Geof gave Bob Rott $528.00 …" was changed to "Geof gave Bob Rott $572.00 in January and February receipts…"

Comments on General Meeting - Bob Mason's planned discussion of distance learning was largely replaced by a question and answer period on Windows software by departing club member Lance Cutlar. Lance dropped the bomb and announced he is moving to New Orleans. We'll miss you Lance!

Attendance at General Meeting - Meeting attendance was 30.

Treasurer's Report/Other Financial Business - Bob Rott noted that the club's current balance is $2646.22 after accounting for the club's purchase of a new laptop and recent Cursor printing costs. Bob also noted that he is now listed as the primary signatory for the club's checking account and Bob Mason is listed as the secondary signatory.

PC disk sales came to $33. Bob Mason noted that he still needs to be reimbursed for the two copies of WordPerfect he picked up for the club. The board approved a motion to allow the expenditure of up to $150 to purchase additional RAM for the club's new laptop.

Cursor Production/Web Site News/Software Reviews - Everyone agreed that Jim Spurlock's first production of the Cursor looked great. The article deadline for the next Cursor is April 7th with Kathy Perrin as editor.

Paul Howard noted that Bob Rott's name has been added to the list of officers on the web site and that he will delete Alex Goodale's name from the site. Mike ten Kate agreed to send Paul the corrected February minutes for posting on the site.

The list of outstanding software reviews is as follows.

Drive Image 4.0 (Assigned to Bob Mason in October. Review was due by the January Cursor.)

Microsoft TechNet CD (Assigned to Jim Spurlock in November. Review was due by the February Cursor.)

Eye Candy 4000 (Assigned to Mike ten Kate in February. Review is due by the May Cursor.)

WebPosition Gold (Assigned to Mike ten Kate in February. Review is due by May Cursor.)

General Discussion - Bob noted that he is looking into the idea of recruiting volunteers from the club to help refurbish old computers for the county outreach program he works with. He has about 100 computers that need to be overhauled. Bob will put a notice in the Cursor regarding this appeal.

The board approved disposal of extra copies of the old 8-bit software libraries maintained by the club. However, one copy of each software title will be retained.

Bob noted that he started with 88 T-shirts at this month's meeting. He gave away 11 and will distribute the remaining 79 shirts to CLPC site managers.

Bob noted that we will see the LCD projector (a loaner from the county) at the April club meeting.

Future Meetings - The April meeting will be presented by Mike ten Kate and the theme will be "web design power tools." Featured software will include Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Eye Candy 4000, and WebPosition Gold. Bob Mason agreed to defer his distance learning talk to another meeting since Mike will need a full two hours to cover his demo.

The tentative theme for the May meeting is "Linux for the masses" with Geof Goodrum providing an overview of recent developments in the open source world which promise to make the Linux experience more available to the average computer user. Geof noted that his presentation will cover about an hour and that we'll need to include an additional topic for the meeting

Meeting adjourned