Links for Help in Avoiding Hoaxes, Fraud, and Email Problems

Presented by Geof Goodrum, WACUG Meeting, 11/18/2006

McAfee List of Virus Hoaxes

Sophos List of Virus Hoaxes

Urban Legends Reference Pages

(Computer, Fraud and Scams, Inboxer Rebellion)


(How to identify a hoax message)

OnGuard OnLine (Federal Trade Commission)

(advice, trends and more)

NetCraft AntiPhishing Toolbar

(phishing protection for web browsers)


(phishing site database) (National Consumers League)

(phishing and identity theft information)

419 Eater

(scamming the scammers)

Thunderbird e-mail client and Firefox web browser

(free e=mail client and web browser with anti-scam features)