PC Clinic:
Hands-On Help for Your Computer
Generally Scheduled at the June and December Meetings

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Guidelines (Revised 11 / 2010)

  1. Please call the WAC AnswerLine (703-370-7649) and advise what kind of problem you'll be seeking help with. Also, please send email with that information to pc_clinic(at)wacug.org.

  2. Hours from 12:30 to 3:30 PM. Services are free, on a "users helping users" basis, and available only for user group members of WACUG and OPCUG. You may wish to express your appreciation with donations to the Pizza fund [geek / guru rocket fuel], donations to the clubs' door prize funds, or directly to the group treasury, or, in the event of OPCUG, to Friends of OLLI.

  3. WAC and other user group experts will help attendees resolve problems with their computer systems. Software and hardware assistance will be available for Windows PC computers.

  4. WAC & OPCUG disclaim all responsibility for any problems or data loss that may arise resulting from hardware or software assistance rendered. WAC recommends that a backup of all personal data files be performed prior to bringing the system to the clinic, if possible. Repairs will not be performed without the attendee's consent.

  5. Attendees seeking assistance must bring in all hardware, software, and documentation necessary for proper diagnosis / repair or upgrade. Generally, in cases involving the CPU and associated hardware / software, this will entail bringing in the system unit, power cords, cables, software, upgrade hardware, and hardware/software documentation. We have available flat panel monitors, keyboards, and mice. If you problem is related to your video display, you should bring your monitor and associated cables, so we may eliminate that as a source of the trouble.

  6. Attendees seeking Operating System installations should call the WAC AnswerLine (703-370-7649) and reserve time in advance. All other assistance is on a first-come, first-served time availability basis. Late arrivals will be informed at the door whether sufficient time remains to assist them; inquire at the clinic before bringing equipment into the building.

  7. WAC can non-destructively repartition hard drives on Windows systems for installation of additional Operating Systems. Again, please call to arrange - these can be lengthy!

  8. Freely distributable GNU/Linux distributions will be installed free of charge on systems having CD-ROM drives. Attendees who want other Operating Systems installed must bring original copies of the software on appropriate media with them.

  9. WAC will provide the necessary hardware and software tools for most common repairs and upgrades. Please call the WAC AnswerLine (703-370-7649) in advance if your system repair or upgrade will require specialized tools.

[Rainbow Rule]
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last modified on 27 November 2010